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Fine Art Rolled/Framed - Recommended

Indoor Print

Fine Art Paper also known as Giclee is the industry standard when it comes to fine art exhibitions, museums and showing off printed artwork.

This paper is 100% organic, eco friendly and contains natural fibres such as cotton as a part of its material composition. Fine Art Paper carries a 200 year archival as it is not artificially bleached using chlorine meaning this print will outlive it's photographer! The neutral pH allows premium quality ink to adhere to the surface layer whilst providing ideal conditions to support intense colour, marked contrasts and enables a wide range of grey tones.

Framing is completed in-store and carefully wrapped then posted from Fitzgerald Photo in Perth, Western Australia.

Lustre Rolled/Framed - Low Cost (High Quality)

Framing behind glass.

Lustre print gives a vibrant colour finish and the perfect balance finish between glossy and matte. Lustre is the paper of choice for most prints and has my personal recommendation.

Lustre can be easily wiped with a lint-free cloth.

Framing is completed in-store and carefully wrapped then posted from Fitzgerald Photo in Perth, Western Australia.

Canvas Rolled/Stretched/Stretched with Frame

Evoke an Oil Painting Feel

High quality photo canvases treated with a Satin U.V. Archival Lacquer to lock in longevity and protect your artwork from scuffing and airborne pollutants. 

Canvases provide a standout, three dimensional feel to each print.

Stretched canvases arrive ready to hang.

Why not add a frame to really make your print pop?

A rolled canvas is ready to be stretched to a frame (not included) upon delivery.

Honestly, don't bother with the hassle and purchase it stretched (or framed as shown on the featured image).

Metal Alumalux

Vivid Holographic Colour 

Alumalux boasts exceptionally vivid cover whilst maintaining crisp detail that is both waterproof and resistant to scratches. This technique is unique to Fitzgeralds Printing that boasts a futuristic look combining Epsom Inks, Metal and "Superior Colour Management."

I've seen these hung at friends houses and they really pack a punch!
An incredible combination of elements that displays an almost holographic texture that bounces off the wall. 

Facemount Acrylic

 3D Floating Effect

The perfect gift that has a solid feel whilst providing a soft finish to vibrant photos. 

Adhered behind 6mm of acrylic, your photos are delivered ready to hang with a u-channel for instant satisfaction. Depth and detail are exceptionally enhanced as light passes through the transparent layers before bouncing of the image, captivating the viewer with these intriguing modernist designs.

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African boy smiling through a metal door. Cute. Taken by stone unknown in 2012.

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